Sentencing Guidelines - Terrorist Offences

27 judgments

16 October 1989

R v Liam O'Reilly and Sean Joseph Montgomery

Possession of explosive substance - 10 years imprisonment - whether excessive - weight to be given to plea that accused acted under pressure - court misinformed as to maximum sentence for an offence.

[1989] 10 NIJB 20
Hutton LCJ
21 September 1989

R v Philip Blaney, Brian Gerard Duffy, Robert Anthony Finlay, Francis Paul Green, Kevin Michael McShane, Mark Emmanuel McVicker, Sean Liam O'Neill, Patrick Pearse Voyle and Anthony McVarnock

Making of petrol bombs, hi-jacking and arson of vehicles - sentences of detention and imprisonment - appellant's previous clear records - whether sentences excessive.

[1989] NI 286
Hutton LCJ
06 July 1989

R v Stephen Matthew Shaw and Thomas Samuel Houston

Petrol bomb - thrown into occupied house at night - guidelines on sentencing.

[1989] 8 NIJB 60
Hutton LCJ
30 June 1989

R v Hugh David Cecil McCollum Payne, James McCullough and Thomas Aiken

Duress - accused a member of a sinister group with criminal objectives and coercive methods - whether Crown must prove accused an active member of group - possession of firearms with intent - sentences of 19 and 14 years - whether excessive.

[1989] 9 NIJB 28
Hutton LCJ
28 June 1989

R v Peter Cunningham and Patrick Sean Devenney

Conspiracy to murder - possession of firearms with intent - 20 and 18 years imprisonment - whether excessive - whether trial judge gave sufficient weight to accused's submissions - whether penalised for "not guilty" plea - observations on approach to sentencing for terrorist crimes.

[1989] NI 350
Lowry LCJ
27 January 1989

R v James Francis O'Reilly

Explosive substances - possession with intent - accused an active participant in transport of explosives - whether mere possession amounted to possession with intent.

[1989] NI 120
Hutton LCJ
28 January 1987

R v Declan Crossan

Conspiracy - attempted murder - appellant found guilty of both offences - longer sentence imposed in respect of conspiracy - observations on sentencing - membership of proscribed organised - maximum sentence imposed - whether appropriate.

[1987] 2 NIJB 72
Lowry LCJ