Ballymurphy Inquest

Inquest into Deaths at Ballymurphy 9th – 11th August 1971

On the morning of Monday 9 August 1971, the security forces launched Operation Demetrius.  This was the introduction of internment in Northern Ireland.  The deaths of ten civilians occurred in the ensuing three days. This inquest will examine the ten deaths that occurred following shooting on these dates, namely:

  • The deaths of Francis Quinn and Father Hugh Mullan on 9th August 1971.
  • The deaths of Noel Phillips, Joan Connolly and Daniel Teggart on the 9th August 1971 and subsequent death of Joseph Murphy on 22nd August 1971 (Mr Murphy having been shot on 9th August 1971).
  • The death of Edward Doherty on 10th August 1971.
  • The deaths of John Laverty on 11th August 1971 and of Joseph Corr on 27th August 1971 (Mr Corr having been shot on 11th August 1971).
  • The death of John James Mc Kerr on 20th August 1971 (Mr Mc Kerr having been shot on 11th August 1971).


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