Sentencing Guidelines - Violent Offences

4 judgments

19 December 1997

R v Steven McCullough

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm of female - significant degree of disfigurement - whether trial judge erred by drawing comparison to sentencing in "glassing" cases.

R v McCullough 191297
Carswell LCJ
14 November 1997

R v Sean Patrick McGuigan

Grievous bodily harm with intent - assault using iron bar - "punishment beating" - deterrent sentences.

R v McGuigan 141197
Kerr J
11 July 1997

R v Sean Joseph Carlin

Grievous bodily harm with intent - stamping on head of victim - young offender - maximum period of detention.

R v Carlin 110797
Carswell LCJ
11 June 1997

R v Andrew William Coyle

Grievous bodily harm with intent - injured party had part of ear bitten off - sentence in cases of "biting" - "Newton" hearing of disputed facts following applicant pleading guilty on re-arraignment.

R v Coyle 110697
MacDermott LJ