Sentencing Guidelines - Terrorist Offences

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2 judgments

30 June 1989

R v Hugh David Cecil McCollum Payne, James McCullough and Thomas Aiken

Duress - accused a member of a sinister group with criminal objectives and coercive methods - whether Crown must prove accused an active member of group - possession of firearms with intent - sentences of 19 and 14 years - whether excessive.

[1989] 9 NIJB 28
Hutton LCJ
28 June 1989

R v Peter Cunningham and Patrick Sean Devenney

Conspiracy to murder - possession of firearms with intent - 20 and 18 years imprisonment - whether excessive - whether trial judge gave sufficient weight to accused's submissions - whether penalised for "not guilty" plea - observations on approach to sentencing for terrorist crimes.

[1989] NI 350
Lowry LCJ