Sentencing Guidelines - Sexual Offences

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2 judgments

12 April 2016

R v Alan McDonald

Appeal against sentence - historic sexual abuse - discretionary life sentence - whether necessary to make finding of unstable character - whether offences sufficiently grave - whether likely future offending must be sex offences - whether alternative protective sentence could be imposed - appeal dismissed.

[2016] NICA 21
Weatherup LJ
29 January 2016

R v Lukaz Kubik

Rape contrary to Article 5(1) of the Sexual Offences (NI) Order 2008 – continued application of Sentencing Advisory Panel’s 2002 Guidelines – medical evidence of impact on victim must be such as to establish to a rigorous standard – extended custodial sentence of 9 years replaced with a determinate custodial sentence of 7 years - 3½ in custody and 3½ on licence.

[2016] NICA 3
Morgan LCJ