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2 judgments

12 December 2012

R v William Wong

Appeal against indeterminate custodial sentence with minimum term of five years imprisonment - explosives offence - whether dangerousness provisions of Criminal Justice (NI) Order 2008 applied - whether correct to impose indeterminate custodial sentence rather than extended custodial sentence – appeal dismissed.

[2012] NICA 54
Morgan LCJ
29 June 2012

R v David Edwin Allingham and Freda Elizabeth Allingham and R v John McKenna

This is not a judgment but a summary of the judgment highlighting the sentencing guidance aspect of it. A link to the judgment is provided within the document. Application for leave to appeal against Confiscation Orders and imprisonment - controlled waste kept in manner likely to cause pollution of environment or harm to human health and in or on land otherwise than under or in accordance with a Waste Management Licence - landfill tax - McKenna imprisonment appeal allowed and three years substituted for five - appeals by Allinghams and McKenna against confiscation orders in respect of benefit and evasion of tax dismissed - prosecution appeal allowed and confiscation order varied upward.

[2012] NICA 29
Higgins LJ