Sentencing Guidelines - General Sentencing Issues

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11 November 2005

Bernard Philip Mary Rooney, Denis Michael Dorrian, Gerard Martin Paul Irvine, Seamus Patrick Cunningham and Sean Martin Joseph Doran. Attorney General's Reference (No. 1 of 2005) (AG Ref 6-10 of 2005)

This is the guideline judgment which authoritatively lays down correct procedure to be followed in this jurisdiction when a sentencing indication is sought by a defendant.

[2005] NICA 44
Kerr LCJ
27 October 2005

R v Charles Malachy Oliver Pollock

Death of constable struck by car attempting to avoid police stinger device after a chase. Aggravation and mitigation - effect of lack of intention. 12 year sentence not unreasonable - Also statement that there should be less discount for a plea of guilty caught red handed.

[2005] NICA 43
Kerr LCJ
04 July 2005

R v Sean Kenneth Murphy

GBH and robbery (2 separate offences) - consecutive sentences - custody probation order.

[2005] NICA 32
Campbell LJ