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5 judgments

19 December 1997

R v Donald Joseph George Richardson

Theft - offence committed while appellant on bail for another offence - imposition of consecutive sentence - totality of sentence.

R v Richardson 191297
Carswell LCJ
18 December 1997

R v Colin McKeown, Jason Loyal & Robert Glasgow

Conspiracy to rob and false imprisonment - plan to rob sub post office appellants caught holding the family of sub post mistress hostage - deterrent sentences - discount for guilty plea under Article 33 of the Criminal Justice (NI) Order (1996).

R v McKeown, Logal, Glasgow 181297
MacDermott LJ
15 May 1997

R v Alan Alfred Price

Application for leave to appeal against activation of suspended sentence - whether should be credit for time spent on remand before suspended sentence was handed down.

R v Price 150597
Carswell LCJ
07 February 1997

R v Joanne Conlon

Theft from employer over period of time - mother of a young child - compassion and clemency exhibited by employer - whether should be taken into account.

R v Conlon 07021997
MacDermott LJ
07 February 1997

R v James Kennedy Horrocks

Indecent assault on and indecent conduct with partner's child - previous conviction for gross indecency with and indecent assault of step-children - imposition of consecutive sentences - time lapse between date of offences and prosecution.

R v Horrocks
MacDermott LJ