Sentencing Guidelines - General Sentencing Issues

4 judgments

11 July 1995

R v Doran

Burglary and reckless driving - length of sentence - appellant sentenced to five years' imprisonment after pleading - appellant suffering from schizophrenia - whether sentence should be reduced.

[1995] NIJB 75
Hutton LCJ
09 June 1995

R v Fraser & Others

Armed robbery - length of sentence - co-accused pleading not guilty at time appellants sentenced - co-accused subsequently pleading guilty to aiding and abetting, counselling and procuring armed robbery - co-accused sentenced to shorter prison terms than appellants - disparity in sentences - whether appellant's sentences should be reduced - whether justification for appellant's sense of grievance.

[1995] NIJB 66
Hutton LCJ
05 May 1995

R v Frederick Douglas

Terrorist Offences - attempted murder - possession of firearms with intent - disparity between sentences of co-accused - accused charged with committing a number of offences - concurrent sentences.

R v Douglas 050595
Hutton LCJ
03 March 1995

R v John Glennon, Francis Maher, John Kennaway, Damien Justin Morgan

Terrorist offences - conspiracy to murder, possession of firearms with intent and false imprisonment - court should decide appropriate sentence without reference to questions of remission or parole - deterrent sentences for terrorist offences.

R V Glennon & Others 030395
MacDermott LJ