Sentencing Guidelines - General Sentencing Issues

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26 November 1991

Attorney General's Reference (No 1 of 1991)

Defendants assaulted police officers in an effort to escape after committing burglary - distinction between attempt to resist arrest and intent to inflict grievous bodily harm - concurrent and consecutive sentence - whether sentence for initial offence should be fixed independently of assault - whether sentence unduly lenient.

[1991] 9 NIJB 72
Hutton LCJ
21 November 1991

R v Raymond Gerard Quigg

Making property available for use in connection with terrorism - whether sentence of 10 years manifestly excessive - weight given to the physical condition and personal history of the appellant.

[1991] 9 NIJB 38
Hutton LCJ
08 November 1991

R v Stuart James Gouldie

Suspended sentence - activation - factors to be taken into account by Court - whether sentence should be activated in its entirety.

R v Gouldie 081191
Hutton LCJ
04 October 1991

R v Ivan Frederick Houston

Robbery of bank with imitation firearm - exceptional personal circumstance of appellant based on fact - ex police officer who had been subject to two terrorist attacks and had turned to alcohol.

R v Houston 041091
Hutton LCJ
14 June 1991

R v Rosaleen McCorley

Attempted murder - booby-trap bomb - appellant's good record and background - whether 22 years imprisonment manifestly excessive.

[1991] 4 NIJB 70
Hutton LCJ