Sentencing Guidelines - Offences

9 judgments

20 December 1996

R v William Alfred Lemon

Appeal against sentence - indecent assault of young girl - appellant in position of trust and influence.

R v Lemon 201296
McCollum J
22 November 1996

R v William Kieran Brady

Application for leave to appeal against sentence - indecent assault on young girls - state of health and age of applicant - whether offences were "persistent" - accused had gained trust of girls - whether sentence excessive.

R v William Kieran Brady 221196
Hutton LCJ
14 June 1996

R v Boyd

Theft of car; driving whilst uninsured and disqualified; and reckless driving - "joyrider" - deterrent sentence - offence charged under Theft Act.

MacDermott LJ
03 May 1996

R v Stalford and O'Neill

Appeal against sentence - possession with intent to supply - ecstasy - value and quantity of drugs seized - age, background and addiction of appellants.

R v Stalford and O'Neill
MacDermott LJ
29 March 1996

R v Brian Joseph Arthurs

Conspiracy to cause explosion and possession of explosive substances with intent - mortar bomb which exploded accidentally - deterrent sentences for terrorist offences - whether sentence of 25 years manifestly excessive.

R v Arthurs 290396
Hutton LCJ
14 March 1996

R v David Moore Attorney General's Reference (No.4 of 1995)

Sentencing - rape of young girl at knifepoint by TA soldier - plea of guilty - discussion between trial judge and defence counsel in chambers regarding likely sentence - whether 5 years unduly lenient.

AG Ref No.4 of 1995 R v David Moore
MacDermott LJ
08 March 1996

R v Robin Henderson

Look-out for robbery with violence - contemplation of violence - crime committed to finance drug habit.

R v Henderson 080396
Carswell LCJ
23 February 1996

R v Balmer

Appeal against conviction and sentence - gross negligence - shooting occurred while drunk - criminal evidence - exclusion of expert evidence of alleged mental illness - admissibility of expert opinion on the ultimate issue of gross negligence - whether "monstrously careless" equates to "gross negligence" - whether sentence manifestly excessive.

23 February 1996CARSWELL LJ
Carswell LJ
18 January 1996

R v Kevin McCann

Attempted murder of soldier - deterrent sentences - whether sentence of 25 years manifestly excessive - whether Court of Appeal can analyse sentences passed by other judges for similar offences.

R v McCann 180196
Hutton LCJ