Sentencing Guidelines - Offences

5 judgments

16 December 1994

R v Currie

Appeal against sentence - strangulation - provocation - discount in respect of guilty plea - factors in mitigation.

Campbell J
10 June 1994

R v Charles Wright & William James Hall

Infliction of grievous bodily harm - deliberate kicking about the head while victim lay on the ground.

R v Wright & Hall 100694
Carswell LJ
04 March 1994

R v Samuel McMillan

Buggery - offences committed by uncle in boy's home - time lapse between date of offence and prosecution.

Samuel McMillan 040394
Kelly LJ
04 February 1994

R v Hogg & others

Appeal against sentence - possession and supply of Class A and Class B drugs.

[1994] NI 258
Hutton LCJ
17 January 1994

R v Sean Connolly

Possession of explosives and firearms - length of sentence - appellant pleading guilty to possession of explosives and firearms but not challenging Crown's evidence - whether sentence of 20 years' imprisonment manifestly excessive - whether appellant entitled to discount.

[1994] NIJB 226
MacDermott LJ