Sentencing Guidelines - Offences

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4 judgments

14 December 1990

R v Mary Roisin Devlin

Making property available for terrorism - house made available for use as hide for explosives - knowledge of use made of house - whether 5 years imprisonment manifestly excessive.

R v Devlin 141290
Murray LJ
17 October 1990

R v Kyle Ivan Orr

Sentencing - Infliction of grievous bodily harm on six week old child - Guidelines on range of sentence to be imposed - Whether sentence of 4 years manifestly excessive - Offences against The Person Act 1861, 18, 20.

[1990] N1287
Hutton LCJ
27 April 1990

R v John Gary Breslin and Arthur Forbes

Possession of explosives and firearm with intent - appellants convicted of possession of a drogue bomb and automatic rifle with intent to endanger life - sentenced to 18 years imprisonment - whether sentence excessive - whether trial judge took irrelevant matters into consideration.

[1990] NI 23
Hutton LCJ
06 April 1990

R v William Desmond Gallagher

Rape of woman in own home - aggravating factors - whether sentence of 12 years excessive.

William Desmond Gallagher 060490
Hutton LCJ